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Frequently asked Support questions

What web browser should I use to run Prosperity effectively? Any of the following browsers will run Prosperity effectively:

  • Internet Explorer – Version 7.0+
    Download here if you need to upgrade.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Version 2.0+
    Download here if you need to upgrade.
  • Safari and Safari Beta
    Download here if you need to upgrade.

What screen resolution setting should I use? You will have the best results if you set your Screen Resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels.

  • If you are using Windows: To check or change your screen resolution, please right click on your desktop, select properties, then select the settings tab and you will be able to view and change your current screen resolution setting.
  • If you are using a Mac: Click on the System Preferences Icon, click the Displays icon under Hardware, select the Display Window, click on the 1024 x 768 option in the Resolutions menu.

What is a portfolio? A portfolio holds one complete budget/spending plan. Many users will have two portfolios – one for their home budget and one for their business budget. For each portfolio, you will set up a budget by creating envelopes and setting monetary goals for each of them. You can use as many bank accounts as you need to manage the money in a portfolio.

How many accounts can I have in my portfolio? You can have as many accounts as you want and need. We recommend starting small with the basics: Checking, Savings, and one Credit Card. Later, you can add more accounts when you need them.

How do I manage a credit card account inside Prosperity? Prosperity allows you to see how your credit card purchases affect your bottom line and your envelopes or spending plan. When you use a credit card you select that credit card account when you enter the Spend Transaction. At this time you also select which envelope(s) of your spending plan the transaction is coming out of (just like all other spend transactions). The only difference is you will see the money move from the selected spending plan envelope(s) into your credit card payment envelope. This way the money is set aside, ready to be paid when your credit card statement arrives. When you are ready to pay the credit card bill, just click on Pay Card, select the appropriate credit card account, the amount, and you’re done! Using Credit Cards and managing your budget has never been so easy!

What are the envelopes in my portfolio for? Envelopes are just another way of saying budget – we also call this a spending plan. Although they are virtual envelopes, the idea is an old-fashioned one. The principle is to take your income, divide it into your envelopes, and then spend out of them. This allows you to set a goal and see right away if you are able to reach it. If not, Prosperity allows you to make adjustments – life flexes so budgets must flex too.

What do I use income and expense categories for? Categories allow you to track the flow of money coming in and going out. Income categories mark the money on the way in, and expense categories mark it on the way out. By using categories you are able to run reports on your income and spending (for planning and tax tracking purposes.) Prosperity allows you to associate multiple categories with one envelope, you can be specific about your spending without having 50+ envelopes to manage.

What is the Income Holding Bin and how can I use it? The Income Holding Bin is one of the default envelopes in a portfolio. This envelope allows you to “hold” your money in it until you are ready to allocate it into your envelopes. When you are ready to allocate the money, you just do an envelope transfer from your Income Holding Bin to the envelopes you desire to fund.

What are my Savings Bin and Profit Envelope and how can I use it? The Savings Bin and the Profit Envelope are two of the default envelopes in a portfolio. These envelopes encourage you to set money aside for Savings and Paychecks. You can choose to leave them empty but we know you will be better off you choose to put them to good use.

What is Build It, Fill It, Hold It, and Load It? When making a deposit or doing an envelope transfer, you have 4 options: Build It, Fill It, Hold It, and Load It.

“Build It” is simply a manual transaction – you “build” line by line where you want the money to go. If you are only selecting one envelope then you just need one line but if you want to split the money among other envelopes than you add a line by clicking the + sign.

“Fill It” can help you fill your envelopes all at once or however you so choose. Whatever amount you enter will be used to “fill up” your envelopes to their spending goals for that month. If the amount does not cover the entire month’s budget then the envelopes will be filled from top to bottom. You can use the sorting tool (up and down arrows on the left hand side) to change the order of the envelopes filled.

“Hold It” just moves the deposit amount into your Income Holding Bin. The money just rests in the bin until you are ready to allocate it or move it to your other envelopes.

“Load It” allows you to use a template you previously created and saved.

What is a template? A template is a previously built and saved deposit or envelope transfer. If you know a deposit or transfer you create will occur again then you can just select “Save as Template”, name it and this template will be available for future use. Templates are often used for 1st of the month or 15th of the month income deposits. If the old template is not exactly how you want it the second time around, you can always make changes before you click save. Once again, Prosperity allows you to customize as much as you need.