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Frequently asked Sales questions

What is Prosperity? Prosperity is a relevant money management app that helps small businesses and families reduce overspending and keep more of what they make. Building wealth has never been so easy!

Why should I use Prosperity instead of Quicken™ or Money™? Prosperity’s forte is an emphasis on the "envelope system" (budgeting in disguise). When money comes into your books, it funds your envelopes so you can spend with a plan. As you spend it subtracts the money from the envelopes and registers, then balances each. Anything left over goes to Profit! Traditional business software doesn’t touch this stuff with a ten-foot pole.

I’m incorporated. Can I use Prosperity instead of Quickbooks™? Yes, of course you can. Prosperity is a double ledger accounting application. But it looks and feels like a general ledger so you don't have a headache when you log in.

How much does Prosperity cost? Prosperity has multiple options. You can check out our Sign Up page to see what is available and choose what will suit your needs best.

Do I need to learn anything new? Nope, it’s just like balancing your checkbook on paper except it’s fast, perfect math, and does your budgeting at the same time.

Does Prosperity work on a Mac? Yes, you can use Prosperity wherever you can access the internet on any platform of your choice.

How does Prosperity work? Simply said, in the time it takes you to write one transaction in a paper check register Prosperity balances your check register, updates your budget, and posts expenses to your tax reports by category. Type the number, press save, and you’re done!

Does the Prosperity service include Internet access? No. However, you can sign up and use Prosperity with any Internet Service Provider you choose. If you don't have access, Prosperity can refer you to an Internet Service Provider.

Do you charge for new product features and improvements? Because Prosperity is a service, great new features are always being added automatically with no action required on your end. This ensures you always receive the latest technology, software and features – and the highest quality service at no extra cost!

What is an upgrade? An upgrade means you have chosen to add a portfolio to or move up in Plan on your Prosperity account.

What security measures does Prosperity take to ensure data is kept secure? Click here for more information about our security measures.

Will Prosperity sell or share my contact information to other companies? No, absolutely not! Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

What type of technology does Prosperity use? Prosperity uses state-of-the-art web development tools and technologies to ensure that you are provided with the best web-based application to manage your business finances. Our servers are high-end Dell PowerEdge systems using Microsoft Windows 2003 Server for the network operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Server for web hosting and distribution, .NET as the development platform, and Microsoft SQL Server as the database.