Prosperity - Spend on Purpose

Reduce overspending and
keep more of what you make.
Building wealth has never
been so easy!

What does Prosperity do?

Manages money: checkbooks, credit cards, expenses and operating budgets.

So what, QuickBooks and Quicken do that...

Prosperity's forte is an emphasis on the "envelope system" (budgeting in disguise). You tell Prosperity how much you need/want to spend on office supplies, parking, rent, etc. When money comes into your books, Prosperity funds your envelopes so you can spend with a plan. As you spend it subtracts the money from the envelopes and registers, then balances each. Anything left over goes to Profit!

P.S. for incorporated folks: Prosperity is a double ledger accounting application. But it looks and feels like a general ledger so you don't have a headache when you log in.

These are not your mother's envelopes...

When you were a kid, your mom may have put cash in a paper envelope and carried it in her purse. When the money was gone, she would either do without or borrow from another envelope. This is the same concept - on steroids!